Sneaker Crush Pro: Air Jordan & Nike Release Dates App Reviews

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i love this app! no problems what so ever, and its awesome you can pick to buy from the app and takes you straight to the site you choose.



Great app

This app is amazing. I suggest you buy at least the free version. Only downside is that the free and paid versions are exactly the same.

Good, but dont buy it

Cool app, but not worth paying for...instead get the free edition. Both apps are exactly the same. Your basically paying for the app to have a red color on the cover on the app...kinda a disappointment....;( Make some special features for the paid version and just update all the purchased apps... -Bryan Haven

Force Close

It force closes when I select a shoe from the "catalog" section every time. It is frustrating. I love the display and the app in general but that is a big problem to me

Pretty good

Great app and it helps me pickup a lot of new shoes but i wish they would get a little more release info, also i hate when you start the app and you have to scroll way down just to get to the present day stuff, if you fix those little things it will be sick, thanks

Michael Jordan

this app is good and all but should have got the free app it is the same thing pretty much


Love it

Truly an asset for sneaker heads

In all a great app to have..sometimes its missing a couple kicks thats coming out but in all its a great app... Shalom


Its an amazing app but I think you should update the catalog

STILL waiting developers

Great app STILL waiting on an update for iPhone 6 and 6 plus

Sneaker crush is great

Sneaker crush keeps me updated on the sneaker releases year round and ya Follow on Instagram will_altz

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